Our Little Red Machine

Alternative Green Transport

Frost Meadowcroft was an early adopter of alternative green transport with one of the original Moustache electric bikes acquired back in 2016 from Velospeed.

Giles on our electric bike

Giles heading off to a meeting on the Lundi electric bike

The Lundi bike has been our “go to” transport for viewings and meetings around town. Recently, the old girl went in for long needed service with the team at Velospeed. They loved the fact that the bike had been used so much with literally thousands of miles on the clock and it reminded one the guys there of the patina of old Royal Mail vans, bleached with the sun and constant use! (which has its own special beauty… ).

Now reinvigorated with new chain, sprockets and battery we are looking forward to another 5 years of loyal service from our trusty steed!

If like us, you have environmental concerns and want to do your bit towards helping the environment, take a look at Velospeed electric bikes either at their Oxford or Berkshire stores or online.

moustache lundi electicbike, Island studios

Pictured outside Island Studios front with bike and rear building, Island Studios Cottage & Fallout Shelter, both have office available